Benefits of Buying an Unlocked Phone

Benefits of Buying an Unlocked Phone

There are a few major benefits to buying an unlocked phone. First and foremost is freedom to switch wireless carriers at any time without having to buy a new device.

Other perks include higher resale rates, the ability to use any SIM card for international travel and the option to eliminate carrier bloatware apps.


When you buy a locked phone, the only way you can use it is on that carrier’s network. That can be annoying if you decide to change providers, and it may also limit your choices of phones. Buying an unlocked device allows you to switch carriers with ease and pick the phone that best suits your needs.

Another advantage of unlocked devices is that they often come with less bloatware. Carrier apps take up valuable storage space and can be hard to get rid of. Many unlocked devices are free of these apps and run much faster.

Lastly, unlocked phones are typically cheaper than locked ones. This is especially true if you buy directly from the manufacturer, which is becoming more common with companies like Apple and Google offering interest-free installment-plan payments on their own devices.

Choosing an unlocked device can also help you save money while traveling abroad. By allowing you to connect to local networks, you can avoid expensive roaming charges and get a better price on calls, texts, and data. You’ll also have the option of purchasing prepaid SIM cards to further reduce your costs. This is a much more cost-effective solution than purchasing data and call packages from the provider you’re visiting. However, you should still make sure the local network you’re using supports your device.


If you’re not tied to a carrier, you can take advantage of cheaper plans. You can also skip any subsidized device fees (like monthly payments, data caps and early termination charges) that come with contract phones. And, you’ll save money when you upgrade or switch carriers in the future.

Unlocked phones usually have higher resale rates than locked devices and offer more choice when traveling abroad since you can use local SIM cards in your destination country rather than paying expensive roaming charges. Additionally, unlocked phones tend to come preloaded with fewer carrier apps, which frees up space on your phone for personal or business use.

Choosing an unlocked smartphone is ideal if you want to be among the first to own the latest and greatest mobile technology, or if you like to change phones frequently. However, if you are concerned about the cost of buying your phone outright and prefer the convenience of signing up for a plan, then it might be better to choose a carrier-subsidized smartphone. Just be sure to check out how much you’re spending in total on your plan and device costs before committing to a device with a contract. Also, consider the many manufacturer financing or leasing options available. For example, Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Plan includes AppleCare+ and comes in a range of payment terms that beat the prices offered by most wireless carriers.


When you want to buy a new phone, it’s important to consider a number of factors. You’ll have to decide whether you’re on Team iPhone or Android and pick out a model that works for you. You also need to choose a carrier and plan. If you want to have more freedom, consider buying an unlocked phone instead of a locked one.

If you buy an unlocked phone, you can take it with you whenever you switch carriers. This gives you more choice and is great if you travel internationally often. You can also sell your unlocked phone at any time and get a good price for it. Unlocked phones are in high demand among international travelers.

On the other hand, unlocked phones don’t always come with a warranty or insurance like locked devices do. You may also have to do some research to make sure that the device supports the networks you use at home or abroad. This is because different networks use different technologies, such as CDMA and GSM.

In addition, an unlocked phone isn’t always available with a payment plan. This makes it more expensive upfront. However, it can save you money in the long run by allowing you to keep your phone for an extended period of time. It can also help you avoid early termination fees.


Unlocked phones let consumers shop around for the best pricing. While the initial cost may be more than a phone subsidized by a carrier, many users find that buying a new device outright and paying for service over time is actually less expensive than going through a carrier. Additionally, an unlocked device doesn’t come with preinstalled carrier apps that can eat up storage and slow down the device.

International travelers also love the freedom of an unlocked phone. Locked phones prevent users from switching to a local SIM card when they travel abroad, forcing them to enable expensive roaming with their carrier or purchase a temporary device and rely on free Wi-Fi networks. Unlocked phones, however, allow customers to purchase a cheap local prepaid plan and enjoy cheaper data, calling and texting costs while traveling abroad.

In addition, the ability to unlock a phone at any point allows users to switch carriers when they feel dissatisfied with their current deal or experience poor coverage. This can lead to lower call, data and messaging rates as well as a more flexible service agreement. Additionally, an unlocked phone can be used to take advantage of cheaper prepaid plans and prepaid international rates when traveling. This saves money on costly roaming charges and enables people to find the best deals when traveling abroad.

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