Top Banarasi Lehenga Styles To Suit Every Taste And Budget

Top Banarasi Lehenga Styles To Suit Every Taste And Budget

Are you interested in purchasing an Indian lehenga? If so, we have four of the most popular Indian lehengas available at various costs and materials for your perusal.

What is Banarasi lehenga?

Traditional Indian lehengas are known as Banarasi lehengas and can be traced back to the city of Banaras. Silk or brocade textiles are often used and embellished with elaborate stitching and other decorations. Banarasi lehengas are one of the most detailed and costly styles of traditional Indian dress, and as such, they are typically seen as a mark of social rank.

Banarasi lehengas are offered in a wide variety of designs to meet the needs of each bride. The choli (a form-fitting blouse), the Ghaghra (a floor-length skirt), and the dupatta are a few examples of the most well-known garments of this category (scarf-like apparel).

Embroidered Lehenga

There is a plethora of options when it comes to Banarasi lehengas. Banarasi lehengas come in a wide range of styles, from classic to modern, and are available at various price points. The embroidered lehenga is a standard option.

When shopping for a Banarasi lehenga, an embroidered version will surely get you plenty of compliments. A wide variety of styles are available, so you may pick one that suits your preferences.

Bandhani lehengas

Consider some of the following banarasi lehenga styles, which are among the most popular:

  1. First, the classic Bandhani lehenga is distinguished by its elaborate needlework and patterning. Women who want to feel and look their best on their wedding day will love this.
  1. The Modern Bandhani Lehenga is a more contemporary and minimal take on the traditional lehenga design and is thus ideal for the trend-conscious bride.
  1. The Boho Bandhani Lehenga is a fanciful and flirtatious option for the bride with an independent attitude. It’s covered with vibrant designs and patterns.

Semi Stitched Lehengas

A semi-stitched lehenga is an excellent choice if you search for something classic and long-lasting. Typically, semi-stitched lehengas will have a top that is already finished and a skirt that may be shortened to fit your needs. Because of this, they are a fantastic option for individuals who want a lehenga that fits perfectly but doesn’t want to deal with the difficulty of constructing one from scratch.

Where may one get the most reasonably priced Banarasi lehengas?

Online shopping is your best bet for finding Banarasi lehengas. Many internet sites provide a large selection of Banarasi lehengas for sale at highly affordable costs. Before you purchase from an online company, you should ensure that you have read and understood the store’s return policy. If you find the lehenga does not fit properly, you may return it or swap it with this information.

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