Most Creative Instagram Accounts to Follow

Most Creative Instagram Accounts to Follow

There is nothing better than scrolling through creative Instagram accounts to get a rush of inspiration. They help us see the world in new and refreshing ways, encouraging you to follow your dreams and bring them to life.

Sprouts grocery store uses color and pattern to turn their Instagram into a revolving rainbow. Their use of balance and symmetry is a great lesson for any Instagram user.


Monika is a kind and considerate girl who always thinks about the needs of others. She is the leader of the Literature Club and aspires for it to be a place where everyone’s passions for literature can be shared, free of inner club politics and drama. She is also a piano player and practices frequently after school.

Although she seems cheerful and upbeat, Monika is actually sad and lonely. She knows that she is in a simulation and she is fixated on obtaining the player’s love, believing it is the only thing that will give her a true happiness.

She has long light brown hair that is tied back in a ponytail and has green eyes. She is usually dressed in her school uniform of a white shirt with a grey blazer and dark blue skirt with black thigh-high socks and white and pink uwabaki slippers. Her hair and eyes are naturally colored, in contrast to the other girls with their blond or red hair and blue eyes.

Humans of New York

Whether it’s to get your day off to a good start or to take a break from the humdrum, scrolling through creative Instagram accounts can be a great source of inspiration. These accounts can be your go-to for design ideas, photojournalism inspiration and even travel escapism.

Created by photographer Brandon Stanton, Humans of New York is a photoblog and book series featuring portraits of strangers on the streets of New York City. The project has garnered a huge following and has been featured on multiple podcasts and TV shows.

A designer and illustrator, Noel is known for her whimsical work inspired by hipsters, cult tv shows and desserts. Her feed is full of bright and colourful illustrations that will surely cheer you up! Another creative Instagram account is @accidentallywes, which features aesthetically pleasing architecture and film images with descriptive captions. It’s a must-follow for fans of colour, film and architecture!

Ida Skivenes

As a culture we’re all obsessed with food. It’s become a social norm to share photos of food before and after you eat it, creating a feeling of anticipation and a lust for your next meal. But it’s not all about the food, and there are many creative instagram accounts to follow that will inspire you.

Norwegian food artist Ida Skivenes aka Ida Frosk is one of them. A former data analyst, she uses her plate as a canvas for edible art. She has recreated works by Jackson Pollock, Edvard Munch and Johannes Vermeer using toast as her medium. Her witty Instagram account has garnered over 100,000 followers and she is working on a book that will feature her food art.

From cute shaped bunnies made out of pancakes to Christmas trees made out of cheese, she’s proving that playing with your food isn’t just for kids. For more inspiration, check out her website and her cookbook. She follows three ethical principles: her art is healthy, fun and eatable. She even eats the pieces she creates after she’s done taking pictures of them.

Huda F

Huda Fahmy writes with wit and honesty about the struggles of being a Muslim American. Her characters have an endearing and familiar quality to them. They don’t try to impress or be overly sophisticated, they just speak the truth. Her humor combines well with the graphic illustrations, creating a book that is a pleasure to read.

Another insta account that is a must follow is Hot Dudes with Dogs. Their daily pictures of hot dudes and cute dogs are sure to make you smile. They use a variety of techniques in their photography which gives them a unique style. They also have some pretty cool Instagram captions that will inspire you to quit your 9 to 5 job and go after what you truly want in life.

One of the best ways to get your brand in front of a large audience is to create an Instagram account that speaks directly to your target market. This can be anything from inspiring quotes to beautiful landscape photos. Nike does an incredible job of this with their account. They use a wide variety of colors and styles, while still keeping a consistent feel to their photos.

Penguin Random House

As one of the most creative instagram accounts, Penguin Random House posts photos about books and authors. They also share information about the publishing industry and encourage readers to buy their books. The account has over 3 million followers.

The GoldieBlox Instagram account is another example of an interesting and creative way to market a product. The company promotes their engineering toys for girls through Instagram, making them a great choice for a target audience that is interested in science and technology.

In this Instagram account, Cyril Vouilloz creates distorted illustrations that play with lines and dimensions. He uses a variety of filters and techniques to achieve his unique style, which has attracted the attention of several brands, including Nike.

The 5 min crafts Instagram account is an excellent source of inspiration for DIYers and crafters. The account features photos of completed DIY projects, as well as tutorials on how to make the projects yourself. The content is fun and inspirational, and the account has more than 1.5 million followers.

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